Playlist of the Month: Chillwave all Summer

A few songs to take you through August, that will, we hope, go by slower than July. A little mix of deep house, chilled remixed tracks, a bit of the Sound You Need shaked up with some Majestic. The following playlist is recommende to be played to help you wake up, during a chilled day by the pool, while having sex and/or while cleaning up your “distgusting room Richard”. Come on, at least it will make your mom happy.

    1. Dimmi – Promesses feat. B Lacoste

Because in this US election bullshit, one thing is for sure, Obama will be missed.So let’s just sit down and remember the brilliant”Reelection Victory Speech” in 2012.

2. Beat Connection – So Good (Thrupence Remix)

Waking up never felt so smooth with this slowly taking off beat. Mornings are the best. Especially when they start at 2pm.

3. Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing (Kygo Remix)

A classic remix.

4. Two Feet – Go Fuck Yourself

Oh don’t take it personnally.

5. Joe Hertz – Stay Lost ft. Amber-Simone (Cabu Remix)

Get ready to fly.

6. Odesza – Sun Models (feat. Madelyn Grant)

Couldn’t put it better than the site’s official description “feels like running in a field of flowers with tons of different colors and shapes.” trippy trippy

7. Wild Belle – It’s Too Late (Snakehips Remix)

Love at first sight with this one. Only takes 3 seconds and it will own you.

8. Bondax – Gold (Snakehips Bootleg)

It’s one of majestic’s biggest hits for a reason.

9. Christine and the Queens – Christine (Paradis Remix)

Because us snails simply can’t finish a playlist without a little French touch.

10. Magan – Jackson ft. Fauve (Original mix)

Pardon my French.


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